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azernis is your personal news app. Through the power of Artificial Intelligence and the reliability of trusted sources, we keep you informed. Here, modern technology combines with journalistic care to provide you with an informative experience that is as unique as you are.

The Features

News with the help of AI
Personalized News
You determine the length of the text
You determine the language style of the text

Intelligent through AI, trustworthy through humans

🔒 We work exclusively with trustworthy news agencies that produce high-quality journalistic content. With azernis you can be sure that the news is based on solid and verified information. The combination of advanced artificial intelligence with journalistic craftsmanship and human verification always guarantees you high-quality and reliable news.

Probably the best way to read the news

Enjoy reliable news and learn more about the world every day.

Step by Step to the Full Picture - You Decide How Deep You Dive!

👁‍🗨 Your interest, your level of detail: You initially see only the first sentence of the news and can extend it with a swipe. You decide how deep you want to dive. From headlines to detailed analyses - with Azernis, you set the pace.

News to your taste - you decide, we deliver!

😎 Emoji Power: Display your news in emojis and have fun reading it. Who says news has to be boring? Numerous other language styles make azernis your personal news companion.

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