How You Can Support Us

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Ways to Support Us

First of all, THANK YOU for wanting to support us.

Here are some additional ways:

  • Recommend our app to your friends and family. You can also directly share content from the app with them.
  • Give us a good rating on the app store for Android & iOS (that gives extra karma :) )
  • Provide feedback if there are things you don't like.
  • Join our Discord Community! There, you'll find not only regular Q&As with us founders but also contests and much more.
  • Follow us on TikTok and Instagram and engage with our posts there.
  • If you happen to be rich and want to invest in a promising startup, you'll not only help us but the entire community :)

If you don't like the app in its current version, give us another try in a few weeks. The app is constantly evolving and is far from finished!

Thank you from:

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Stefan, Fabian & Bernd

Image Credit: Founders Foundation